Special NSW Labor Conference Edition

Unprecedented Times' Special 2020 Conference Edition includes articles on slated changes to our party’s rules, the Campaign for Labor Party Democracy, climate change policy, and more. We hope that this issue will give Labor members a useful overview of the debates affecting branch members at this year's NSW Labor Conference.

The Editorial Team would like to acknowledge the hard work rank-and-file members have been doing over the past year to keep our party alive during the pandemic. Unprecedented Times wants to ensure that we emerge from lockdown with a plan to make our party stronger. We need a bottom-up strategy which values the knowledge, skills, and opinions of branch members. It is for this reason that we have created a space to develop and share our ideas.

This special edition of Unprecedented Times Magazine includes the following articles:

  1. Results of the Campaign for Labor Party Democracy's Rank & File Survey
  2. 'The Fight for Online Branch Meetings' - Chris Haviland
  3. 'How to Change the ALP: Understanding the Rules' - Shannen Potter
  4. 'Why We Need A Campaign for Labor Party Democracy in NSW' - Zac Gillies-Palmer
  5. 'The Young Labor Campaign for A Green New Deal' - Bart Shteinmann
  6. 'Why Labor Must Fight One Nation's 'Parental Rights' Bill' - Angelica Kross
  7. 'Westmead Branch Event: Annual Jack Ferguson Memorial Lecture' - Prabir Maitra
  8. Nordic Edge: Policy Possibilities for Australia - Anthony D'Adam MLC
  9. 'These Unprecedented Times' - Shannen Potter
  10. 'The Labour Movement & Climate Change: A Worker Led Recover' - Zac Gillies-Palmer

You can also download a consolidated print edition of our special issue here.

Good luck to everyone at this year's NSW Labor Conference.

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