CLPD Branch Survey Results

Rank-and-file survey highlights a perception amongst branch members that NSW Labor is failing on multiple fronts. 

A survey initiated by the Campaign for Labor Party Democracy (CLPD) has confirmed that branch members are deeply concerned by Head Office's management of NSW Labor. 145 party members from dozens of branches responded to the survey between July and October 2021. Branch members are dissatisfied with the party's lack of internal democracy, education & training strategy, the accountability of elected party officials, and the party's relationship with women members. 

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'Nordic Edge: Policy Possibilities for Australia' - A Review

Nordic Edge is a fascinating tour of the political possibilities that await Australia if we are prepared to look further afield for inspiration.

Labor Member of the Legislative Council, Anthony D'Adam, on what Australia can learn from the success of Nordic social democracy. This investigation yields a refreshing alternative to the neoliberal policies which have come to define Australia, The United Kingdom, and The Unites States. Scandinavian Parliaments have shown that it is possible to build ecologically and socially conscious societies without sacrificing economic prosperity. 

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The Young Labor Campaign for A Green New Deal

Young Labor Activists are leading a rank-and-file campaign for climate justice from the party's youth wing.

A Green New Deal will not only address a gaping policy hole in NSW Labor, it will foster a new generation of people that will continue to drive the ideals of transformative governance. Young Labor members have already travelled to frontline communities to hear about their struggle against new coal and gas projects. These young party activists have since produced a documentary and rank-and-file campaign.

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The Fight for Online Branch Meetings

COVID-19 has changed our lives, and brought challenges for everyone. The Labor Party is no exception.

Just as they have for over 60 years, the ruling elites of our Party have again turned their backs on the membership, and the need for more engagement and empowerment of the rank and file. Once again, members need to make their voices heard. The campaign for online branch meetings is just one of many ongoing struggles for rank-and-file participation and engagement. 

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BREAKING: NSW Labor Teachers Launch Campaign Against One Nation's 'Parental Rights' Bill

NSW Labor Teachers have established a campaign to urge Labor MPs to oppose One Nation's 'Parental Rights' Bill.

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