'Nordic Edge: Policy Possibilities for Australia' - A Review

Nordic Edge is a fascinating tour of the political possibilities that await Australia if we are prepared to look further afield for inspiration.

Labor Member of the Legislative Council, Anthony D'Adam, on what Australia can learn from the success of Nordic social democracy. This investigation yields a refreshing alternative to the neoliberal policies which have come to define Australia, The United Kingdom, and The Unites States. Scandinavian Parliaments have shown that it is possible to build ecologically and socially conscious societies without sacrificing economic prosperity. 

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The Labour Movement & Climate Change: A Worker-Led Recovery

We cannot allow fossil-fuel corporations to hijack action against climate change

Bringing people along with Labor’s climate change policies requires local strategies that give workers a real say over the future of their jobs and communities. We cannot afford to repeat the failures of ‘top-down’ solutions which ignore the specific desires of workers on the ground. A ‘one size fits all’ approach only allows fossil-fuel billionaires to divide working class communities along geographic and industrial lines. The task for Labor is to develop a way of harmonising systemic climate policies with local decision making. 

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Why We Need A Campaign for Labor Party Democracy in New South Wales

The rank-and-file campaign for party democracy is the first step towards rebuilding NSW Labor

While the Campaign for Labor Party Democracy (CLPD) is in its infancy, its achievements have demonstrated that organised rank-and-filers can alter the direction of our party. If we continue to fight together we can restore a reasonable balance of power between the party’s officials and members. We should aspire to a party in which branch members have an inalienable right to preselect Labor representatives in the Nation’s Parliaments. MPs and the decisions they make in Parliament must reflect the beliefs and aspirations of its members. Until we can offer branch members a legitimate reason to remain active in NSW Labor we risk severing the organic links between the labour movement and working-class communities we rely on to form Government. 

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BREAKING: NSW Labor Teachers Launch Campaign Against One Nation's 'Parental Rights' Bill

NSW Labor Teachers have established a campaign to urge Labor MPs to oppose One Nation's 'Parental Rights' Bill.

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Huge Win: Online Branch Meetings to be Recognised in NSW!

By Chris Haviland and Shannen Potter 

The Administrative Committee is expected to adopt a recommendation for both fully online and hybrid meetings to be recognised by the Party at its upcoming meeting on 5th February. This is a huge win for the campaign for online democracy. 

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