How to Change the ALP: Understanding The Rules

By Shannen Potter and David Pink

The NSW Labor Party Rules can be confusing or arcane to new members, or members who are not used to dealing with them. A solid understanding of the Rules is crucial, however, to effective grassroots organising within the Party because the Rules outline the mechanisms for rank-and-file participation. It is important to increase literacy of the Rules amongst ordinary members. Here Shannen Potter and David Pink explain the basic rules that govern the engagement of rank-and-file members in the ALP.

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Can We Plan the Economy?

By Nicholas Daniel

In The People's Rebulic of Walmart: How the World's Biggest Corporations are Laying the Foundations for Socialism, Leigh Phillips and Michal Rozworski ask us to reconsider the possibility of a planned economy by looking at the massive planning operations at the heart of capitalist society

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Help LEAN Improve Australia's Environment Laws

By Felicty Wade

Australia's national environment law is up for review. While that may sound dry -  which it is -  these laws underpin Australia's entire approach to managing the environment. Of all the environmental challenges facing us, most are rooted in these laws' inability to adequately do their job. LEAN is asking Labor members to get active to ensure Labor defends its legacy on the environment as the Morrison Government seeks to hand our shared natural heritage over to the interests of capital.

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The Lives of Detainees in Alternative Places of Detention

By Sabrin Farooqui and Cian Galea

'No one cares about us', Sabrin Farooqui and Cian Galea on the ongoing struggle for detainees in Alternative Places of Detention (APOD) as COVID-19 reemerges in Australia

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Gladys' Protest Crackdown is Orwellian

The NSW Liberal’s response to Black Lives Matter shows that for Gladys all gatherings are equal but some gatherings are more equal than others, writes Cian Galea. 

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