Help LEAN Improve Australia's Environment Laws

By Felicty Wade

Australia's national environment law is up for review. While that may sound dry -  which it is -  these laws underpin Australia's entire approach to managing the environment. Of all the environmental challenges facing us, most are rooted in these laws' inability to adequately do their job. LEAN is asking Labor members to get active to ensure Labor defends its legacy on the environment as the Morrison Government seeks to hand our shared natural heritage over to the interests of capital.

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The Lives of Detainees in Alternative Places of Detention

By Sabrin Farooqui and Cian Galea

'No one cares about us', Sabrin Farooqui and Cian Galea on the ongoing struggle for detainees in Alternative Places of Detention (APOD) as COVID-19 reemerges in Australia

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Gladys' Protest Crackdown is Orwellian

The NSW Liberal’s response to Black Lives Matter shows that for Gladys all gatherings are equal but some gatherings are more equal than others, writes Cian Galea. 

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The Economic Challenge For Labor - Neoliberalism or Bold Reform?

By Richard Walsham

We must never forget that the Coalition represents the class interests of the wealthy minority. They are very clever at hiding this reality and painting Labor as something other than what it should be – the party of the many, not the few. To counter this, Labor needs to win the ideological debate which means making our ideas seem like commonsense.

Richard Is The Senior Vice President of Grayndler FEC

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Women and COVID-19

By Charlotte Brady and Georgina Goddard

Crises do not equalize. COVID19 has fundamentally changed day-to-day living for the vast majority of us, but the burdens of this health crisis have not been carried equally. As other Unprecedented Times articles have addressed, this pandemic has served to augment existing inequalities, endemic to the capitalist system within which we live.

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