Reflections of a Western Sydney Climate Activist

In late 2019 the Extinction Rebellion started organising in Western Syndey as part of their Spring Rebellion. Angelica Kross reflects on her experiences as an activist within that movement and the unique challenges presented by Sydney's west.

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Post-Pandemic: Participation or Pasokification

NSW Labor must prioritise rank-and-file participation in the wake of COVID-19

The COVID-19 crisis has highlighted the limitations of the Labor Party’s organising habits and traditions. At precisely the moment we need to be growing and mobilising our movement the structures and rules of our Party are isolating rank-and-file members. To address both the immediate crisis and the long term decline of Labor’s primary vote we need to reimagine the way we organise. The decline of socially democratic parties across the globe is a timely reminder of the challenges facing our movement, and why we should be attentive to social connection and place based communities in the everyday practices of party organising. 

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Who is the Australian Worker?

Kristina Keneally's call to reduce migration is a blatant dog whistle that plays on the fallacious idea that migrants 'steal' Australian jobs. Instead we should be talking about how we can extend and strengthen workers rights to everyone who works in Australia.

By Shannen Potter

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White Supremacy and Australian Politics

The resurgence of white nationalism should be understood as a feature, not a bug, of Australian politics

Since the mid-2010's, the global prominence of white nationalist political activism and representation has increased significantly. In Australia, this has culminated in Pauline Hanson’s return to politics, the short-lived career of Frazer Anning, the birth and death of the Q Society and the United Patriots Front, and the ‘Reclaim Australia Rally’, to name a few of the more well-known occurrences. Mass media often treats personalities, groups, and events such as these with curiosity and disdain, pondering how in a multicultural society like Australia we could have such outspoken white nationalism. 

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We Can't Call It A Green New Deal!

By Zac Gillies-Palmer

Let's not let the name of our proposal get in the way of constituting an Australian eco-socialist movement. 

There is no electoral shortcut to rehabilitating the relationship between coal-mining communities and environmentalists. If we are serious about implementing radical reforms we need to stop pontificating over the perfect name for our proposal and get on with the job. Until we have a structure to democratically decide on an alternative, ‘Green New Deal’ will do just fine.

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