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Can I find out more about Campaign for Labor Party Democracy ?

Can you email me back please - I cant find a website or any such thing for CLPD

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Water trading and the death of the Darling River Basin are at the top of my concerns.

In just 16 years since John Howard made our inland water a free-hold tradable commodity the health of our inland regions have nosedived. Present policies of federal and state governments are now actually killing Australian citizens, and are undermining the ecosystems that support all of life on this continent. Failure to reverse this trend and return inland waters to "The Commons" will as sure as gravity reduce life along the East coast of Australia to a dusty and deprived misery. Your new online publication Unprecedented Times would seem to have potential to do good. I would like to contribute to your new publication but fear it is a closed shop, made for Labor Members only. Please respond. Cheers for now - Mark Merritt 0427 571 770

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