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Earlier this year, NSW Parliament passed a bill which makes it a crime to participate in nonviolent protests. Police can now send protestors to jail for two years if they obstruct vehicles or pedestrians on any road that the Coalition Minister decides by regulation. Police can also fine individuals up to $22,000. 

You can now go to jail in NSW if you participate in the tactics that progressive activists have used to challenge political injustice. With Labor’s support, the NSW Coalition has criminalised tactics used by Civil Rights Activists during the Selma to Montgomery Marches, the anti-vietnam war movement, and the NSW Green Bans (to name just a few examples). For these reasons, human rights organisations and trade unions have widely condemned the Bill as an attack on the right to protest and the integrity of our democracy. 

We are convening an urgent mass-meeting of Labor branch members to oppose the criminalisation of protest. We need your help to overturn Labor’s support for the Bill at the upcoming NSW Labor Conference. 



LOCATION: Newtown Neighbourhood Centre (1 Bedford Street, Newtown)

ONLINE ATTENDANCE: Yes - Branch members may observe the meeting and vote on the motion via ZOOM. 



  1. Hear from MPs, Trade Unionists, and Civil Liberties Activists about why NSW Labor must oppose this anti-protest legislation. 
  2. Endorse a conference motion which will bind Labor MPs to repeal the anti-protest Bill if we form Government in NSW next year. 
  3. Build a grassroots campaign to ensure that the NSW Labor Conference in October endorses the motion.  This motion will be debated at the NSW Labor Conference in October. 





Paul Keating

Secretary - MUA Sydney Branch



Trish Doyle MP

NSW Labor Member for the Blue Mountains



Cameron Murphy AM

President of the NSW Council for Civil Liberties (1999-2013)




The 2022 NSW Labor Conference notes with concern that:
  1. On the 31st of March 2022 the NSW Government passed the Roads and Crimes Legislation Amendment Bill 2022 (The Bill) with Labor’s support.
  2. The Bill criminalised non-violent forms of protest that affect any road or infrastructure facility that the Minister decides by regulation.
  3. The Bill means that any person that participates in non-violent protest can be sent to prison for 2 years and/or fined $22,000.
  4. Civil liberties organisations have widely condemned The Bill on human rights grounds.
  5. The Bill is a fundamental threat to our democracy and individual freedom.
The 2022 NSW Labor Conference therefore resolves that:
  • NSW Labor commits to repealing The Bill if it forms government in 2023


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Note: After you register using the facility below you will receive a confirmation email. This email includes a link to register for a zoom link if you cannot attend the event in-person and would like to join us remotely i.e. zoom attendees should first RSVP using the facility below and then register for a zoom link using the information provided in the confirmation email. 


August 21, 2022 at 12:00pm - 1pm
Newtown Neighbourhood Centre

Who's RSVPing

Jane grundy
Jane Salmon
Evelyn Santoro
Antony Steel
Fulin Yan
Rajanikhil Malaramuthan
Emma Malone
Louisa Romanous
Nick Gemmell
Robert Jones
Kasper Ekstrom
Mark Kunach
Tony Simons
Beverley and Bruce Sharpe
Luc Harvey
David Carey
Sarah Shrubb
Julie Mckenzie
Anthony D'Adam
Anne Kricker
David Allen
Mali Doyle
Alberto Castillo
Joanne Smith
Patrick Gifford
Jeremiah Williams
Callum Cartwright
David Hauser
George Campbell

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    commented 2022-08-16 21:07:25 +1000
    Trish Doyle MP did not attend one local branch meetin for the Labor party and instead gets Mark Greenhill to be her sock puppet.

    She is also insincere about issues she publically votes in confidence for, for publicity reasons only and called me disgusting for comments that she made on her MP instagram page.

    Civil liberties or a Tanya Plibersek captains pick.
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